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Tcl/Java Mailing Lists

Getting Help

Need some help determining if Jacl or Tcl Blend are the right tools for your project? Running into trouble installing the software? Wondering about how to implement something? You can always join and send an email to one of the mailing lists for help.

The tcljava-user mailing list is for Jacl or Tcl Blend users. This mailing list provides a forum to ask questions, post scripts, or report bugs. Basically, any Jacl or Tcl Blend related question is on topic for this mailing list. This mailing list is low volume, there may be just one or two messages a week.

The tcljava-dev mailing list is for developers that want to discuss Jacl or Tcl Blend implementation issues in more detail. This mailing list is a great place to post Jacl or Tcl Blend patches or have discussions about how to implement Jacl or Tcl Blend solutions. New developments will be discussed on this mailing list long before they ever show up on the user list. This mailing list generally has a little higher volume when compared to user list, but it is still low volume.


One must subscribe to a Tcl/Java mailing list before emails to the list will be accepted. Emails from unsubscribed addresses are automatically rejected. One is required to subscribe in order to keep spam emails off the list. It is just a fact of life. Spammers regularly send advertisements to each and every mailing list hosted on Source-Forge.

Don't worry, signing up for the list is quick and easy and you are not going to be bombarded with lots of uninteresting or off topic posts. Your email address will not appear on the web and it is easy to unsubscribe at any time.

A web based subscription form is available on the following list info pages. These list info pages also include the email address that list messages should be sent to.

Enter your email address in the "Subscribing to" form and pick an unimportant password. Don't worry about forgetting the password. You can always enter your email address at the bottom of the list info page and press the "Edit Options" button to get to a form where you can have your password resent or be unsubscribed from the mailing list.


Archives containing all the old posts to the user and dev mailing lists are available. Searching the archive to see if someone has already run into the problem you are having is often a time saver.

Terms of Use

The mailing lists are a public resource. Please be respectful and exercise good judgment when posting a note, as it is going to be archived forever! There really are no stupid questions, but the same can't be said for answers.

Obviously, flaming people or being disrespectful is not acceptable behavior on these mailing list. Folks are encouraged to post in plain text, as HTML has never been a standard format for email. In addition, posts including fictional contract claims like "By reading this email you agree to give up your first born child" are strictly forbidden. If you work at a company that automatically appends this kind of silly legalese to outgoing emails, please find another email address to post from.