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Tcl + Java = A match made for scripting
This article was originally published at the now defunct Sun World Online by Moses DeJong and Cameron Laird. The content has been reformatted and updated slightly.

Tcl your Java apps
A great article about using Jacl in a Java application. Published at Javaworld by Benedict Chng.

Script JavaBeans with the Bean Scripting Framework
This article compares Jacl along with other scripting languages supported by IBM's BSF. Published at Javaworld by Mark Johnson.

Extending XML tools with Jacl scripts
This article shows how to embed Jacl code into web pages and covers integration with BSF. Published at IBM's Developerworks by Phil Whiles.

Scripting power saves the day for your Java apps
This article compares a number of different Java scripting implementations, including Jacl. Published at Javaworld by Ramnivas Laddad.

Tcl for WebSphere Application Server Administrators
This article covers the WebSphere Application Server administration tool, which uses Jacl. Published at IBM's Developerworks by Cameron Laird.

Java scripting languages: Which is right for you?
This article compares some of the different scripting languages supported by the BSF. Published at Javaworld by David Kearns.

Embedding a Tcl Interpreter in Java
This paper by Jiang Wu covers the basics of adding Tcl scripting to a Java application. There is also good coverage of how add and event to the Tcl event queue in a thread safe way.

The old Tcl/Java mailing list archive
This is a link to a searchable archive of the old Tcl/Java mailing list, from before the project moved to SourceForge. Some of the old posts are very helpful.

Frequently Used Tcl/Jacl Commands
A handy quick reference page of Jacl commands typically used in the JavaSim project.